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Solve Problems by Working Together - a commanimation inspired by Ronni Kahn

This week’s featured #commanimation was inspired by @RonniKahn, Founder of @OzHarvest. During her 100 Leaders interview Ronni inspired us by sharing something very important to the success of any team. When you 'Solve Problems by Working Together', you’ll get through anything. Thank you Ronni for the inspiration for #solveproblemsbyworkingtogether #xv100leaders #ozharvest

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Check out 'Shared Vision' for success - free download to inspire this culture

shared vision

Having ‘Shared Vision’ is a critical component for success for any team or organisation. This animation was inspired by Greg Oliver, CEO, Goodlife Health Clubs during his 100 Leaders interview. Use the code ‘SHAREDVISION’ to download this it for free for your next PowerPoint presentation at (exp. 6 June 2016). #sharedvision #goodlifehealthclubs #xv100leaders #xventure #powerpoint #goodlifehealthaus #teamsuccess #commanimation 'Like' our FB and Instagram page to see next week which animation Ronni Kahn, Founder of OzHarvest inspired our team with during her 100 Leaders interview! #ozharvest #xv100Leaders

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Commanimation - World's most engaging presentation animations!

We have lift off! The World's most engaging animations to breathe life into your PowerPoint or Keynote have arrived with Commanimation! Today we proudly launch Commanimation - the digital library linked to our catalogue of hundreds of the most creative and engaging animations you'll find to breathe life into your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. To celebrate with us, we invite you to download three of our favourite animations for free. Available for one week only. Celebrate with Launch, Belief, and All Hands on Deck.

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